Another day, another $2.00 of

Another day, another $2.00 of M&Ms…

5 Red
6 Orange
11 Green
13 Blue
17.25 Yellow (frickin’ machine)
20 Brown

72.25 Total

Today’s batch is only 6.92% cancerous! The only bad thing is, it kicked my calculator into that exponential mode, so I had to figure out what something times ten to the negative two was. Ugh. I’d rather have more cancer than be forced to think about math in the morning.

In other news, there are like, fifty Cokes in the refrigerator this morning! Well, probably just five or six, but considering the usual early morning paucity of Coke, five seems a whole lot like fifty. All of those beautiful red cans…. If you happened to be around when when I opened the refrigerator this morning, you would have heard me making much the same noises as the Cookie Monster when he’s chowing down.