Oh my blog, he’s back!

Oh my blog, he’s back! I haven’t been in much of an “update my life” mood as of late, so everything’s fallen by the wayside. If you think this blog is bad, you should see my yard. And if you do see my yard, could you do something about it for me? It scares me.

Anyway, the reason for me to dust off my blog and do an update was yet another purchase of M&Ms (peanut, as always). This time, I sprung for a big bag from the local deli to finally do a cost/cancer comparison. I bought a 10 ounce bag and got down to counting:

10 Orange
15 Green
15 Blue
17 Red
18 Brown
33 Yellow

108 Total

My, my, my – look at all of them thar yeller ones. The big bag had a relatively small cancer index – this one was a mere 16.67% cancerous. As for the cost, it was pretty much close to the same as our unfaithful little machine here at work. If it belches out 73 M&Ms, the cost is 2.74 cents each, while the 72 M&M payout runs at 2.77 cents each. The bag weighs in at 2.77 cents each as well, so the only real difference is exercise.

In other news, the word for the day is “smurf”. Now, isn’t that just smurfy?