In the interest of my

In the interest of my sanity (and I’m sure this could apply to others as well), I propose that a short physics class is given in addition to the standard driving instruction around here. Wait a minute. I’m not from California originally – is there actually some kind of mandatory driving instruction here? I seem to remember fuming behind a driver’s ed car, but judging from people’s driving habits you wouldn’t think classes exist for that sort of thing.

Anyways, a good portion of the drivers around here could benefit from a basic grounding in physics. Namely problems such as “If I’m travelling at a speed of 25 mph and decide to move into a lane occupied by a car 20 yards behind me going 65 mph, how far into the next county is this car going to propel me?”

Perhaps I’m wrong. It might just be a matter of not looking in mirrors. Not looking behind them. Not thinking. Ooo! Maybe they’re all out to get me! That’s always a possibility. Or perhaps I’m driving just fast enough to send my car out of the visible spectrum. It’s not my fault that I only feel comfortable when I’m 20 mph over the speed limit.