Welcome Back to Moondoggie

Well, here it is, a month short of one year from the last time I’ve stood out here and talked to everyone. I don’t quite remember when I took the site down for a redesign, since it was so long ago, but I’m finally nearing completion. Today is a momentous day for me, another start to a new life. These things tend to happen often to me, but I’m hoping this new life is a good one and that it sticks. Yes, I know that’s pretty cryptic, but I’m trying to hurry up and write something so I can go home. Consider that comment the cliffhanger before the commercial.

Anyways, I know the site isn’t anything close to perfect. My guesstimating is that I’m about 70% done. Still have lots of little nagging things to take care of, as well as a few big nagging things.

See those links under “Site” over there on the upper left? Don’t bother clicking – there’s nothing there. See those monthly archive on the right? The pages there are barely formatted at all. Notice the page with Astro when you went ahead and clicked on one of those Site links? That has to be made prettier. All sorts of behind-the-scene stuff to do yet too.

I felt I had to get the site up and going today, no matter how clunky it was at the moment. Refer to the mysterious statement in the first paragraph for a reminder. So bear with me. Maybe next week all the links will work and the page will look the same across the board. Possibly even sooner.

Until then, you can keep checking back here, ’cause I’ll be posting regularly again. You can also use this opportunity to go through the archives and re-acquaint yourself with my brain. If you feel a burning, overwhelming desire to tell me something’s broken on the site, feel free to leave a comment. Chances are it’s on my to do list, but there’s always a chance I’m forgetting something.

Keep reading – it can only get better at this point.