Muppets don’t hold the same allure…

So Barb’s office has just purchased a big honkin’ TV/DVD/VCR combo for whatever reason and we decided to break it in at lunch today. Not enough time for a full movie (what do you think we are, bankers?), so we grabbed one of the Muppet Show DVDs off the shelf.

We decided on the show with Steve Martin as the guest host. How could you go wrong with that, right?

Well, we’ve discovered a few things thirty minutes later:

  • Things that were funny in 1976 aren’t necessarily funny 26 years later.
  • Especially Steve Martin.
  • Muppets are really creepy when they’re given legs.
  • That jacket of Scooter’s I always lusted after? Still do.
  • I mean come on, they’re puppets – they’re not supposed to have legs. And look at the way their knees bend every which way.

Yet another bit of youthful innocence, gone forever. Good thing Gnip Gnop is still a fun game, or I’d be completely disillusioned.