Great. Just wonderful.

So I’m walking through the Government Center T stop and an MBTA cop passes me going the other way with a dog sniffing around. “Cute dog” is my first thought. “Cute bomb-sniffing dog” is my second. Uh oh. Now I’m wondering if I should be messing around with my Palm Pilot. Don’t want to look like I’m setting a timer or anything…

I get in to work and mention it to Chuck. “Haven’t you heard about the alert?” he asks.

Oh God.

Then we start talking about Government Center and why the station is called that. You know, because the Boston government-type buildings are right above it? Not to mention all sorts of little historical sites that relate to the independence of our country from the British. Thankfully, terrorists don’t seem to be looking for national symbols to make their statements with, right?


Maybe I’ll just sleep under my desk tonight…