Where’s that Astro been?

I figured that since it’s been over a month since the last post, it was time to account for my actions. Let’s see… what’s been happening in the past month or so?

1) Medical issues. Somewhere around the time of the last post ( I could’ve sworn I’ve already made mention of this, but my skimming isn’t finding anything), I had a rather sudden and disturbing medical problem. I won’t go into the details, but let’s just say that while I’m not freaked out at the sight of blood, there are some places I just shouldn’t be seeing it. I wander over to my computer and look up WebMD to find out if I should call an ambulance or just go to my regular doctor. I type in the symptoms and what’s the first thing that pops up? Cancer. Fuck me.

Basically I went to the doc within a couple of hours of that and he said that the chances of the Big C are minimal. I’m healthy, the family history’s pretty clear, and this particular symptom usually follow some other bad ones that would’ve had me waddling to his door before this. Of course, the things it probably could be are embarrassing old man things. It’s good that it might not be life-threatening, but it would be nice to be able to tell people what’s wrong with me without blushing uncontrollably. Naturally, since there is a slim chance of the Big C, I have to have all sorts of horrid and embarrassing things done to my body just to make sure it’s not there. The biggest hurdle is coming up this Tuesday, so we’ll see how that goes.

2) Work has been insane lately. Suddenly, instead of everyone wanting their projects done yesterday, they want them all done last month. Criminey. I can’t check out Catch, can’t Photoshop, most of the times I can’t even eat lunch. The end of the year SUCKS at our company. That’s what happens when you’re tied in with a bunch of financial companies and institutions, I suppose. Maybe I can calm down in January.

3) Vacation. Went back to Texas for Thanksgiving, so there goes a week of posting. I took some notes however, so if #2 clears up, I might get to put some of that out here.

4) Illness. Aside from #1, I’ve also had this lingering cough/cold thing going on. Frustrating and exhausting, since it’s messing with my sleep habits. It’s also a little worrying just because of #1 and the fact that I’m a pessimist at heart.

5) My touch has suddenly become technological poison. I’ve killed a hard drive at work, my home battery backup is fried, and I’m having all kinds of weird stuff happen with everything I own – computers, Palm Pilot, cellphone, home entertainment – you name it, it’s pissed me off at some point this month.

I wish I could say that this post marked the big turnaround where I get back to posting regularly, but I can’t. It’s Christmastime, so I have to shop and make things for people. Work is still crazy. I still feel sick. Photoshop’s icon is pouting at me. I have a Jaguar upgrade sitting in its box mocking me. One of these days I’ll be back on track. Maybe just not today. Stay tuned…