I’m really losing it…

Okay, so I’m listening to the Cookie Monster sing and he gets to a curious part. “A round donut with a bite taken out of it also looks like a C, but it is not as good as a cookie.”

I sat here in stunned silence, my mind a-twitter.

“Are you inSANE, Cookie Monster?” my head screams. “There’s no WAY a cookie’s better than a donut!”

Then I remember that he’s the Cookie Monster, rather than the Donut Monster, and the world starts coming back into focus. This prepping for tomorrow’s fun is going to kill me or make me crazy – nothing but clear liquids for 24 hours, in addition to four liters of a specific and vile non-clear fluid. Ugh. Half an hour and I head home for three hours of fun.

Suddenly I realize why it sound so strange and choppy for me to hear people say “It is” rather than “It’s.” It’s because the characters on Sesame Street rarely used contractions. At least, very few of the dopier-sounding monsters did. I’m lookin’ at you, Grover.