The day just improved 1000 percent

So I’m sitting here at the office after eating a rather disgusting cafeteria sandwich for lunch. I’m slowly ramping myself up to get back to doing some work, when the notion hits me that I need Something Else. Something from the candy machine, perhaps.

In most situations, a thought like this would prompt a person to get out of their chair, rummage for change and head for said candy machine. There is a problem with this, however.

You see, the candy machine on my floor is possessed. Nine times out of ten, it will randomly spit your change back out at you. Well, not out exactly. More along the lines of the regular coin return process. It’s not that possessed.

You might think you can get around this behavior by feeding it a dollar bill. You might also wind up being a quarter short, as it often doesn’t like to return change. Perhaps it’s more constipated than possessed.

Due to these two machine habits, I don’t like to use the machine on our floor. This means I have to take the elevator down from the seventh floor all the way down to the first then wander around through some back doors until I come across the Lair of the First Floor Candy Machine.

That’s a lot of effort for a Whatchamacalit on a snowy day.

But then I have a sudden flash of inspiration. It occurs to me that on one of my previous quests, I purchased more chocolate than I felt like eating. In fact, if I turn slightly in my chair and open the skinny, almost hidden drawer to my left, I might just find… A BUTTERFINGER!!!

Today is officially a better day.