PLEASE Stop Rocking the House!

You know, every time I start to think the chemo’s not as bad as I thought it would be, it turns around and bites me in the ass. Other than occasional waves of exhaustion, I felt pretty good yesterday. So good in fact, that I considered going in to work for a full 8 hour day. At least until 12:45 last night when…. the nausea hit.

Well, actually, it didn’t quite hit me then with full force. A little bit before that I had sort of a burp attack, which made me think it might be a precursor to Belly Badness. So, I got out of bed and took one of the 6 hour anti-nausea pills the doc gave me. I kind of got back to sleep, though I kept waking up at weird times for no reason, feeling like I hadn’t been sleeping.

6:30 arrives and so does the real nausea. Oof. I take another pill and fall back on the old school remedy – saltines and Sprite. The combination of the three eventually gets me over the hump and I fall back asleep until, well, now.

I hink I’m feeling okay, so maybe I’ll at least get a half day of work in. We’ll see if I actually make it out the door.