Happy Birthday +1

Well, here I am, wide awake at 1:15 in the morning, wondering if this is a side effect of the chemo, a side effect of having to nap all through the the day, or just my regular insomnia. Maybe recapping the past day and a half will lull me into slumberland? Hmm, let’s see.

So on Friday I did indeed get to go spend a half day at work. I learned some more new things that I can do from home and yes, tired myself out. Friday night, John Hand and John Bean came over to install an air conditioner and move the bed and mini-fridge up to the third floor for us. We continue to be overwhelmed with love and support around here. And, for the most part, the third floor chemo nest is now complete.

Good thing too, ’cause I used it a lot on Saturday. My 34th birthday and I feel as week as my first. I do not like this weakness and exhaustion. They’re unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. I’m lying on the bed reading a paperback book and I can only read a couple of chapters at a time because my arms tire out. From holding a paperback! I can already see that recovery’s going to be a long hard road.