So Far, So Good

The past two days have been pretty good, tiredness-wise. Both yesterday and today at work, I’ve felt like I did pre-chemo. Last night when I came home the 125 Outdoor from Hangtown was on, so I sat down on the couch to watch it. Then I laid down. Then I dozed off. I knew about the surprise ending already from RacerX (I usually don’t peek ahead, but I thought OLN wasn’t showing the 125s) so I woke up to slow motion that a few times. Other than that, it was down for the night. I still think I only felt regular after-work tired, though.

Today, it’s up in the air. I’ve felt good through the day, but the night hasn’t started yet. I’m still at work at the moment, but will probably be leaving before too long. Last time I looked, the traffic was insane going towards home, so I might go the other way and pick up my wedding suit. Only time and traffic will tell.