Catch Up Time

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve updated up here, but it’s been for a number of reasons.

1) The weather has taken a turn for the hot and my home office is not equipped for cooling. Nothing like being worn out from chemo and sitting in a hundred degree steambath trying to think of witty things to say.

2) My pain took a turn for the worse this past weekend. Unbelievable nerve-type pain through my upper back, eventually settling in my pelvis and knees. there’s three more days spent bed-ridden.

But now I’m feeling a little bit better. We have one cool room in the house, thanks to Saint John Hand and his air conditioner. We’ve been trying to block as much of the room off as possible so the remaining bits will stay nice and chilly.

This morning, the heat decided to keep at bay for a bit, so I went through the travails of unplugging all of my computer equipment and dragging it into the cool room. I still have some network cabling to re-do so I can do work-work up here, but for now, it’s break time.

I had my second treatment on Wednesday. The doc was mightily impressed with the armpit node’s reduction in size. No joke, it was about a quarter of the size it originally was. We’re talking from plum-size to smaller-than-a-grape-size. He said that this should help make my recovery times a little better after each successive treatment. Apparently most of the fatigue is due to my body trying to get rid of the bad stuff the chemo killed off. The less there is to kill off, the better my body handles it. Now, two days after the second treatment, the lymph nodes are down to about cherry pit size.

I think my body’s telling me it wants fruit. Well, it can wait.

Doc says that my pain was probably do to the Neulasta shot kicking in again. I think I’ve mentioned the Neulasta thing before, but it’s a shot that stimulates your bone marrow into produccing more blood cells of various types. That ramping up in production is what causes the pain. Lucky me.

So now I’m going to rest for a little bit before I make my way downstairs for some food. Oooo… I do have those Sour Cream & Onion Lays up here. Maybe I need to strengthen my body before I go downstairs. Yeah, that’s the ticket.