The Value of Values

So I’m preparing for my daily battle with the Candy Machine of Evil. I’ve pulled my keys out of my pocket so as to better gather all of my shiny silver change without endlessly pawing at my groin area for the change. As I’m pulling out my fistful of happiness (we’re still talking coins here), a rogue nickel goes flying out of my hand, spins its whirling dervish on the ground, then bolts under a refrigerator before I can stomp it into submission.

Naturally, it make an almost immediate clinking noise, letting me know it didn’t go very far under the refrigerator. In fact, I think it was mocking me a little.

I stood there debating, was five cents worth bending down for? Possibly getting on my knees, thus having to additionally wipe off said knees? Possibly seeing some horror of horrors under the fridge? My frugal side said “Yes!” My cancer side said “No!”

For the first time since this thing began, I gotta go with the cancer…

Incidentally, today the machine behaved and I was able to secure for myself two Babies Ruth.