For Those with Kids

I just figured I’d get this out there before the impending wedding this weekend. For anyone who’s going to be at the reception and/or the wedding and has kids, I apologize if I seem like I’m avoiding them.

But basically, I kinda am.

You see, right now all of this chemo and cancer is weakening my immune system. And you know how germs love to latch on to the little ones. So my doctor hasn’t banned me outright from being around kids just yet, but he does want me to limit contact with them.

So just please know that while on Friday and/or Saturday you might occasionally see me scooting away from the little ones, I do love all of your kids (in a friendly, non-stalkerly way) and I’m happy to see them. It’s just that for a brief period in my life, I need to see them… over there.

Incidentally, the same goes for large groups of people. And here we are, having a wedding. So the same sentiment goes out if you have the sniffles or if I seem to be ducking behind Barb in the receiving line. The chemo sickness is bad enough, so I don’t want to add regular sickness on top of it.

I promise I’ll shake your hand and give you a hug and do the air-kiss thing (unless you’re a dude, even if you’re a cheese-eating surrender monkey) in six months or so, when the doc says it’s okay. For now, I’ll just be running to wash my hands every couple of minutes.

It’s not you – it’s me…