Around for a bit more…

So one thing we forgot about during the honeymoon planning was that I’d need to be back in Hartford the day after my treatment to get my Neulasta shot. We talked it over with the doc and nurses and decided we could get barb to give me the shot tomorrow. They called in to place the prescription and we went to pick it up. Turns out, my insurance plan has a $3000 limit on prescriptions. One Neulasta shot costs around $2700. Eeeeyikes! When they give the shot to me in the office, it’s billed differently, so it doesn’t count against my limit. Which means we have to spend the night in Hartford, or drive 2 hours to our honeymoon spot in RI, then two hours back to here, then two hours back again. Oy. We’re spending the night.

The doc was very pleased with my progress. I’ve gained 9 pounds since I last saw him three weeks ago. I won’t see the doc at my next treatment, but in the off week after that one, I’ll be going in for a CT of my chest and abdomen to see just how much of the cancer these first two treatments (1A, 1B, 2A today and 2B) have killed off. All of my blood counts are good and the doc kept commenting on how good I look.

This treatment has hit me a lot quicker than the others. I was only home for an hour or so before my arms started getting shaky and tired. I know when I was reading earlier, I was seeing occasional double letters (like “sttay heere, he saiid”), so I can only imagine what my typing is like.

Barb got the camera back from David so I can shoot some honeymoon photos as well as the annual 4th of July bash at her brother’s house. I’ve taken an initial peek at the pics and there are definitely some good ones, but I think Dave’s working on a few still, so we’ll wait and see what he comes up with. The photos from our disposable cameras should be ready today, so they’ll get picked up tomorrow when we’re back in RI.

And now I head back to bed to collapse for awhile.