Back, But For How Long??

We’re back in Hartford today to undergo chemo treatment number 3. The wedding went without a hitch on Saturday. Wait. The wedding did wind up with one hitch – that being the hitch between Barb & I. As for problems, there were mostly none. At least, none so major that they kept Barb from having the wedding exactly like she imagined it. I call that without a hitch. Other than ours. Right.

Will Hines, groomsman extraordinaire, wins the prize for quickest publishing of photos, as well as excellent commentary. Expect more photos to slowly pop up over the ensuing weeks and months.

As for my physical wellbeing, I’ve been feeling good. Treatment #3 was supposed to be last Wednesday, but we moved it back a week so I wouldn’t be tired for the wedding. The extra week of rest worked wonders, but I still had my little moments. I got up to dance like my pale white self for a couple of minutes, then stopped and felt the whole yard spin for a bit. That nixed the dancing for awhile. It was a super-hot day, so I did a lot of sweat therapy along with a lot of standing in one place. I still get some spins when I go from sitting down to standing up, but I’m learning to enjoy the lightheadedness.

My hair actually stayed in for the wedding, as evidenced by Will’s photos. I think it was a matter of cutting the hair short early on in the process and telling my hair over and over that it had to stay in. Now that the wedding’s over, I’m shedding like a pomeranian. It seems to be an all-over shed so far, so there aren’t any huge patches missing yet. We’re going to hit the hair with the clippers again in a bit, mostly to hopefully make it stop hurting. I was thinking for a bit that the pillows I had been sleeping on were feather and the ends of the feathers were poking out and into my skull, but it turns out, it’s just my hair hurting again. Chemo’s weird that way. Now off I go for a trim.