The Amazing Chocolatier

Just got back from seeing Charlie & the Chocolate Factory. A truly excellent remake, but what else would you expect from the Tim Burton crew? Nice to see Danny Elfman go back to his Boingo roots with the Oompa Loompa songs too. All in all, this version seemed a bit more… sinister than the original. Something about the occasional looks on Depp’s face. You could almost imagine each child’s gruesome end in his eyes.

And speaking of Gruesome Endings, the movie ended a little after midnight. Since this is Worldwide Harry Potter Day and all, we drove past one of the local Barnes & Nobles. The place (a smaller out of the way B&N) had a FULL PARKING LOT. There were many cars milling about, no doubt joining us in our quest for the freak show. And there we have it! Three women, in their mid to late twenties, in full wizard garb getting into a VW Bug. And let’s not forget to mention the people sitting on the sidewalk outside the store READING THE BOOK ALREADY.

Oooohhhh man. Barb wanted to go inside, but I wouldn’t let her. They can smell fear, you know…