But How Do YOU Feel?

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention how I feel after this chemo. Well, my initial thought is that I am a badass yet again. I feel tired, but not nearly as tired as I felt near the end of the whole ABVD treatment thing. Say, maybe one half to three quarters as tired. My second thought is that this is just day one of three days straight, which means that if this is half as bad, I’m really going to be hurting on Wednesday. Hoooo boy.

Oh, and now that I’m on a three day in a row course, you’ll more than likely be getting three days in a row of posts! Of course, that third day might just be something along the lines of “hiosfgorgehiosgigbhoiewhihiogohwahif” as I flop my limp hands against the keyboard, but if I can still click the submit button, it’s getting posted, baby!