Day Two is Done Too

Well, there’s one more day in the books. I felt okay this morning – mostly sleepy-tired from waking up hungry at midnight and reading comics ’til one. I have a bit of a funny taste in my mouth, but more like I ate something weird than that persistent “My tastebuds are DEAD!” feeling the ABVD gave me. So far, this ICE stuff isn’t so bad.

When I passed by Dr. D’s office this morning on the way to the infusion clinic, I stopped and said hi. He started laughing and said he couldn’t help but smile and laugh when he saw me ’cause I was always smiling. He said I was tough, but I told him he just hasn’t given me tough enough chemo yet. That got me an exhalation of air with a bit of eye-rolling thrown in for good measure.

It’s amazing how fast this stuff takes hold of you. I came home feeling pretty good, checked my various emails, read a little bit of hockey news, then started writing this. Now all of a sudden my body’s realized it should be tired RIGHT NOW. Wheee doggie. I guess that’s my cue to go downstairs and lay down on the couch for awhile.