A Night to Remember

Well, as usual I spoke too soon in harassing my chemo. One of the drugs is really hard on your bladder and it jumped up and bit me last night. A word of advice if you’re going through ICE chemotherapy – however much water you’re drinking, add five gallons. Starting around 9:00 last night, I suddenly had the bladder of a squirrel. This meant that about every five to ten minutes I’d have to get up and go to the bathroom, urinate a tiny little amount, deal with 20 or 30 seconds of intense pain, then go sit back down and wait for another five to ten minutes to repeat. No, I didn’t get much sleep last night. I wound up getting about an hour and a quarter this morning, as Barb went in to work a little late to keep an eye on me.

I gave the doc a call and they had me come in right away to pee in a cup. I did what I could, and the results came back with blood evident. That meant that instead of two of my ICE drugs, today I only received one. I also got a lot more hydration today to help push everything out. Once I went into squirrel bladder mode last night, I stopped drinking water. I was afraid that if I was only getting rid of 3 or 4 ccs at a time, that adding more water to the mix was insane, if not dangerous. Turns out, I don’t know how bodies work.

So I got rehydrated, I got some specialized pills to hopefully take away the pain and I get to go back tomorrow for more hydration and that damned Neulasta shot. Dr. D. saw me in the hall today. He just smiled and said “You said you wanted harder chemo!” before giving me the rundown on what my stupid body is doing and how we’ll fix it. First step – getting some sleep!