Web Site Weirdness

You might have noticed some weirdness going on here at Moondoggie Productions. My web host had a bad weekend, which means I had a really bad weekend. The server my site was on went down “for unscheduled maintenance” for over two days, then when it did come back online, my site was only current up through December 5th of last year. My web host (Nexpoint, who you should stay far away from in my current opinion) claims that the 12/5 backup was the most recent “usuable” backup of the site that they could find and apologized for the inconvenience. According to their own company’s site, one of their “Protective Features” is a daily backup. So apparently, sixty of these daily backups were unusable. Either that, or their web site lies and the backups are more along the lines of bimonthly or worse. I have asked the support people which of these options is the case and they have yet to get back to me with an answer.

In addition, whatever they did and however they did it managed to corrupt by blog’s database so that it no longer recognizes my username/password combination. Hence, the nonstandard looking post here. This means that not only do I have to re-enter all of my entries in the ensuing time, I’ll probably have to re-enter all of the old ones into a new database.

Did I mention that I’m in chemotherapy this week?

So, if you know of any good, honest web hosts who don’t charge through the nose, feel free to click the contact link and send me an email, because I will certainly be looking to go elsewhere.

As for the cancer update, a lot has happened since I was last able to post to the site last Thursday. I started having some shooting back pains that both docs think were related to the Neulasta. It was weird, because the pain would only hit after I had been exerting myself (like, say, walking forty feet to the other side of the room) and then sitting down. Dr. D. gave me some muscle relaxants and suggested I lie flat the next day to let everything relax. So Thursday I stayed home from work in a doped up stupor. I stopped the pills after the noon dose and went back to work on Friday. I was expecting to have to leave early to get some more bloodwork, but shortly before I was leaving, the doc’s office called to tell me I would be getting new chemo drugs and that I didn’t have to come in.

Today was the start of the New Stuff. Dr. C. didn’t like the way the ifosfamide was attacking my bladder (and frankly, neither was I). Apparently once we get into the stem cell harvest/transplant part of all of this, they’re going to give me some drug that’s also going to be hard on my bladder, so he didn’t want to mess it up too much.

The new stuff I’m getting is cisplatin and gemzar. The cisplatin is supposed to make me REALLY nauseous, so they had me take an anti-nausea pill an hour before the treatment, then also gave me IV anti-nausea meds. The pill I have to take for three days in a row, so I don’t know yet if that means I’ll have three days in a row of puking. Time will tell.

I haven’t gotten the lowdown from Dr. C’s office on the new schedule yet, but basically I had those two drugs today, then I’m off the rest of the week. Next Monday I get only the Gemzar with a Neulasta chaser on Tuesday. The next week is currently off, but would be where all of the PET and MUGA scans would fit in, if I understand correctly. Then another round of the same chemo I started on today to prepare for the stem cell harvesting.

Well, that’s it for me today. You might just see this post up here for a bit while I get all of the backend stuff worked out from Nexpoint screwing it all up. Of course, if they happen to take a look and don’t like me telling people how they don’t live up to their promises, perhaps they’ll replace this page with a more recent backup than two months ago. We can only hope.

Until then, back to bed I go.