Almost Back to Normal

Well, it’s been a rough week or so, but things are almost back to normal here in Moondoggieville. Great thanks goes out to my good friend and former boss Rob for tracking down my December and January posts in the Yahoo cache – you ROCK! It still took a little bit of finagling and a lot of waiting on Nexpoint support, but we’re finally all back up and going. I don’t recall if I made any posts in February, so I’m waiting to hear back from my parents to see if they have any printouts for me.

As for the cancer scene, it’s been a pretty rough week. I went to work Wednesday through Friday, but I was zonked a lot of the time. I managed to get some projects done at least, even if I had to leave early a few times. Today was my first full-on day and it felt pretty good. ‘Til I got home dead again. It’s weird, this new drug is only one day’s worth and it kicks my butt harder than any of the other ones I’ve been on. Of course, that could just be the cumulative effect of the chemo too. But man, what a rough week.

Oh, and to top it off, today was a massive clumps of hair loss day. It’s been a little while since we’ve shaved my hair back and this morning was when it started to come out by the handful in the shower. From what I can tell, it appears to have been a spread out sort of fallout, so I don’t have any weird bald patches. We’re gonna do a bit of trimming tonight so tomorrow’s shower won’t be as much of a mess.

Tomorrow a whole lot of excellent people will be coming over to help us move a bunch of our stuff to a storage unit. This will be in preparation for selling this place in the spring, the sooner the better. It’s amazing what great friends and family we have, and I can tell you truthfully that there aren’t words enough that can say how much we appreciate all of you.