Everything Seems to be Working

Except for that stupid ordered list dot on the “Playing:” info. The main thing though, it looks like all of my email is back to normal. At least I sent test messages to and from all of my various accounts and they all seemed to send and arrive like they should’ve. So, if you know one of my email addresses, you can send me email. If you don’t, leave me a comment – I’ll be getting the email links back on the site in a bit. And as cool as the layout of the Hemmingway theme was, I switched back to Kubrick for the readability. Hopefully I’ll be able to get some design time in this weekend so I can ditch the theme. In the meantime, you gets what you gets. Whaddaya want from me? I got cancer.

Speaking of which, I stopped in today to get my weekly bloodwork and the checkout from the nurse. Turns out my platelets are pretty low. The low is around 100 and mine were more like 70. What does this mean? In the words of the nurse: “Don’t get cut.” I guess that means no bar fights this week. Here’s hoping I don’t wake up with another nosebleed. Check that. Here’s hoping that I don’t get another nosebleed, but that if I do, I wake up first. Eeeewwww…

2 thoughts on “Everything Seems to be Working

  1. Hi dude,
    This is Jon…I’ve never met you before, but I have talked to Barbara about you. Hope you’re doing well, I just wanted to email you and see how you were. I told Barbara before, if you ever have any questions, or just want to talk about what a pain everything is, feel free to email/call me. I’ve been thru the same thing, and I’m out on the other side alive and well! Hope to get the chance to meet you some day, but in the meantime, keep fighting it.

  2. Hey Jon, good to hear from ya! I’ve got your contact info from Barb right here. No wait, over there… No… Oh, here it is. Yeah, I’ve got your contact info and I’ll probably be bugging you before too long. Still have some insanity to calm down around here first. Thanks for stopping by!

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