Here’s a semi-uncomfortable experience – being the bald guy in the company cafeteria when the cancer commercial comes on TV.

I’m still being reminded of my baldness at random times during the day. Friday was my first shiny bald headed experience, where I saw my reflection beaming in the glass door on the way in to work. When I was getting the Moondoggie Consortium of Sites together, I put up my old “Don’t Panic” page before realizing it no longer looked like me. Now it does. Every now and then I’ll try to do something else, like run my fingers over my hair when I take a hat off or just put my hands on my head and realize “Hey, that’s SKIN!” I’m sure I’ll get used to it one of these days…

Oh, one extremely happy moment in my morning: the realization that the children of Connecticut have all week off on vacation. I’m not a parent, just a homeowner who unfortunately lives next to an elementary school. Silence truly is golden.

And now I realize I need to work on the site design sooner rather than later – my links are the same color as my text with no underlining. Idiot.