Percolating Dendrites

Well, today was another blah sort of day. The Power of Neulasta is wearing off, so I don’t feel as sore and achy (yesterday was back to old-school Neulasta – feeling like I’d been beaten by a sack of potatoes). Today I primarily felt sleepy tired, which I’m guessing is probably due to lack of caffeine. You see, I take my caffeine in Coca-Cola form and something about the chemo working on my tastebuds is not compatible with Coca-Cola. Sometimes if I get my Coke from a 2 liter bottle the taste thing isn’t quite so bad, so I think it might be more of a carbonation issue than a specific Coke issue. Either way, my ass is draggin’.

Aside from the whole tired thing, parts of my brain seem to be waking up again. I’ve been coming up with some good coding/design ideas for the new site, though the tiredness makes me feel so blah that I don’t have the energy or focus to try to implement any of them. At least I’m coming up with ideas of some kind. That’s a welcome change from the stupor. Now if I can just get over the “staring at the blank screen” syndrome, I’ll be fine.

One thing I did today was change how my RSS feeds are picked up. I’ve noticed that a couple of people seem to be reading the site that way, so if you are, you might want to change the RSS URL. If you don’t understand what I just said, don’t worry – it’s a geek thing. If you’re one of my RSS’ers, the new RSS feed link is through feedburner. You can still use the old feed link for now, but once the site starts changing, the old link’s not going to work any longer. Probably. You know, while I’m typing this, I think I might go ahead and put a feed button over there on the right. Look at me being proactive.