The Screwy Looking Site

If the site looks really screwed up to you right now, that would be because you’re using Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (aka MSIE) to surf the web. Unfortunately, MSIE sucks and you often get unexpected results. Like you see here. I’m tired now and we just discovered it, so I’ll figure out what’s happening tomorrow. In the meantime, if you’d like to see what the whole internet’s really supposed to look like, feel free to download a real web browser while you wait.

1:08 AM Update: Okay, so I laid in bed tossing and turning for a bit before giving up and coming in here and fixing the problem. I hope you MSIE people are happy with yourselves. Feh!

4 thoughts on “The Screwy Looking Site

  1. Okay, man, I just laughed my arse off at your pictures. Especially the “obligatory dead” photo. 🙂 You look WAY more chipper than I ever did going through that crap.

    Rock on!

  2. Great photoset – what a fantastic heath Robinson style machine. Great to hear you’re pushing forward and kicking the Hodge’s arse.

  3. Thanks grey – the amount of tubes and cylinders and plastic the nurse unloaded and hooked up to me was truly fantasmical. And the color coding! My GOD the color coding!

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