Where Did Little Brian Go?

Today we went and saw the movie Thank You for Smoking. Excellent and funny movie, bordering on hilarity at times. Great acting done by everyone and in particular, there’s one scene where the actor playing the lead’s son does something that was so inherently kid-like that it just smacked me in the face with how old I am now.

In the scene, Nick (lead character played by Aaron Eckhart) has taken his son with him on a trip to Hollywood. They’re checking out their hotel room and the kid’s running around the room like a crazy person and stops by flopping on the bed. This wasn’t a grownup flop, though. Not one of our well thought out, carefully positioned descents to convey tiredness or relief while making sure no vital parts will get bent improperly upon landing. No, no no. He runs full tilt at the bedside and makes no move to jump or brace or.. well… think. He smacks into the bed knees first and the momentum of his lower legs being stopped levers the rest of him into flopping resoundly on the bed.

As soon as he did it, I had two immediate and almost concurrent thoughts:

“He didn’t even think about what that could have done to his knees!”

“That is such a kid kind of thing to do.”

My next thought was something about how old I was getting and I think the fourth thought involved spaceships or something.

2 thoughts on “Where Did Little Brian Go?

  1. Hey Brian! Indeed we age! I can’t help but think about it every time I see my son do something funny and smart – and he never repeats himself!

    We haven’t been to the movies in a good year (can’t believe it!) but looks like this may be a good one to stretch for. Thanks for organizing everyone’s blogs (including mine) – I consider you blog a mini encyclopedia (you’ve gone through sooo much!!!). Do you mind me linking your blog to mine? I am obviously not as prolific as you are 🙂

    Keep recovering and waiting to hear when you are all clean and clear!!!

    All the best,
    — Natalia W

  2. Hey Natalia, thanks for stopping by! It’s been awhile since we’ve been out to the movies as well (Attack of the Clones, maybe?), so I was relieved that we picked a good one.

    Feel free to link away, and no problem on the organization (and I changed your last inital too 🙂 ). I figure the more blogs I have over there showing people this thing is beatable, the less freaked out the newly diagnosed will be when the stumble into my site.

    Keep on fightin’ the Hodge,


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