Today’s Rundown – WBC at 600

This will be another short one – it’s getting steamy in the office and I’m still in a bit of a Benadryl hangover right now.

My WBC is rebounding like gangbusters. Yesterday it was .1, or 100, and today I’m .6, or 600. Dr. Cooper and Erin were both grinning from ear to ear and rather excited about the whole thing. SuperCoop even said that I would probably not be neutropenic as early as this afternoon. That would mean I can go back out in public and eat restaurant food and such. Giggedy giggedy! We’ll know for sure where I stand with tomorrow’s blood count.

Aside from that, my platelets were starting to bottom out again at 16, when the normal is 150-350. I think around 25 or 30 is when they start panicking and giving platelets, so yeah, I’m low. This platelet infusion went much better than the last one, where I got super-nauseous right as we were trying to leave the place.

I also got two bags of potassium which are tiny little bags, but have to be given over the course of one hour each. I’m going to have to find something to read tomorrow – today almost made me finish my sudoku book.

Yesterday afternoon the neupogen pain finally started in my lower back and it’s been a bear. I just try to keep the tylenol flowing to keep it under control.

Well, back to the cool bedroom I go. More tomorrow when I’m brimming with white blood cells.