He Has a White Blood Cell!

Hey everyone, I’m finally back. Due to the current heat wave, I’ve had to stay away from the computer, as it’s located in our non-airconditioned office. Plus, the folks were out here for the past week, so there wasn’t as much pressure to race in here and update everyone since my top two readers were here in person. Now everyone’s spread out again, so you all get to be updated again.

It’s a little cooler today, which brings me to the computer, but still not supercool, so this’ll be kind of short. Maybe more tonight when everything cools down again.

Today’s appointment went well, and after a few days of my white blood count (WBC) being less than .1 (4 is the low end of the WBC range), I’m finally back to being AT .1! That means that somewhere in my body, I’ve got a white blood cell bouncing around in here!

Two days ago (the day my parents left), my hair started hurting in that pre-fallout way, so the folks got to see us go through the shaving process. That was also the day I had one of my more severe reactions at the clinic. I had to get platelets on that day and right at the finish, my stomach decided it did not want me to leave just yet. I wound up getting some wonderful IV Ativan and crashed on a stretcher for a few hours. Afterwards, no ill effects.

Today’s was uneventful, even boring in comparison. Just the typical hydration, Zofran (antinausea) and antibiotic with a neupogen chaser.

Now it’s time to go lie down and rest my arms for a bit. Once it gets cooler, I’ll backtrack and tell you all about some of the experiences since I was last out here. Until then, know that I’ll be slightly more regular in posting the day-to-day. Unless it gets hot again, of course.