The New Experiment Begins

So I was writing this long diatribe about perfectionism and realized I might scare off a lot of people when my first post winds up being a novella. So instead, I’m giving it its own little area in the “About” section. Or maybe somewhere else. I haven’t quite decided yet. I’m trying to fly by the seat of my pants a little more with this site, so I’m runnin’ fast and loose baby!

Well, for me, anyway.

So welcome to the new site. Wander around (I always do) and there’s a damn good chance that you’ll find something you’re interested in. I’m interested in tons of things (blame it on my ADD, my astrological sign, my upbringing or my youth) and if you don’t see anything you like the first time, give me a few days – something completely different is bound to pop up.

I’m trying my hardest to not have a plan for this site. Having plans tends to flip my perfectionism switch, which brings everything to a slow grinding halt. However, there are a few things I know will be here:

  • Ukulele Stuff: My second level of therapy, right behind the doctors and right ahead of this site.
  • My Varied Projects: I do a lot of things, create a lot of things and make a lot of messes. It’s about time you folks got a glimpse into my messed up processes. Worth a laugh if nothing else.
  • Randomness: Come on, could it be a Moondoggie site without it?
  • Tips & Tricks: This could go under the “randomness” heading, since that’s what they’ll be. I’m always learning new things about everything imaginable, and if you’re lucky, I might start sharing them here. ‘Cause I love you that much.
  • Arcane trivia: Again, could it truly be a Moondoggie site without it?
  • The humor, my GOD the humor! Or at the very least, the things I think that I think are funny and think you might think what I think is funny as well. Or not.
  • Profanity: Well, not as like, its own subsection or anything, but it’ll pop up here and there. If occasional potty mouth offends you, let me be the first to welcome to the internet. Asshole.
  • Therapeutic Ramblings: What’s a blog-based site without airing out a little bit of mental dirty laundry, right?
  • A lot of other stuff. Maybe. Eventually.

One thing about start clean and fresh with a brand new, I can make brand new promises. If you followed Cancer is My Bitch, you know that after not posting for a little while, I’d have a really long post in which at some point I’d make a solemn vow that I’d start posting a lot more regularly. Every day! Or every other day! Or really soon! Then after another couple of months, you’d get another post with much the same vow.

So now that I’m making a fresh new start, I’ll make you all this one promise that I vow to stick to through thick and thin, no matter how much torment and hardship it may cause me to keep this promise.

I, Brian Watts, do hereby swear that I will NOT be posting to this site regularly. Sure, I may have a spurt where I post every day or (gasp) multiple times in one day. But I promise it won’t be a habit. And that’s a promise I’ll finally be able to keep.