Another Pictureless Post

Today, I’m writing from the table at CrossFit Milford, since my eye was messed up all day and I neeeeeed to get on a daily posting schedule. The downside to that is, I’m posting on my phone. That means no multimedia and slooooooow typing. Especially since the WordPress app doesn’t have autocorrect, let alone the “two spaces equals a period and a space” feature. Bastards.

Yesterday went quite well, teaching the back squat. There’s a definite difference when you’re teaching a movement that you’re 100% confident about. I could just focus on talking about the movement, since I knew my body could do it right on autopilot.

Today is all about deadlifts, though I haven’t heard if I’m teaching it yet. Then tonight is Anna Liffey’s to kick some more trivia ass.

Oh, I also stopped by CFNH last night to follow Dan around for the last class. Dan had posted about me being the new intern on the CFNH blog, so I got an “I know you! You’re the trainer in training!” from one of our on-rampers. Yes, I’m THAT famous.

2 thoughts on “Another Pictureless Post

  1. Yes- you are that famous! Keep up the great work. Back squat is your wheelhouse for sure, but I’m sure the other moves went alot better than you think they did. It’s easy to reflect and think of what you would have done differently, but alas, you imparted wisdom and experience on the masses and that is good.

    1. Thanks, Whitney. That’s one thing that teaching this stuff makes you realize – just how much work you need to do on your own form. Well, that and having Jay watching you with his eagle eyes 🙂

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