Okay, I’m going to have

Okay, I’m going to have to kill our drink vendor here at work. I walk up to the refrigerator, visions of Coca Cola cans dancing in my head, to discover… 5 Cokes? What the hell is all of this juice doing in here? And all of these Diet Cokes? Diet Cokes?

Another something wrong. There’s this

Another something wrong. There’s this guy who walks by every morning to change the conference room schedule posted (appropriately enough) on the conference room behind me. For some bizarre reason he smells like… baby powder? It’s definitely some cloying, perfumy smell that shouldn’t be on a guy.

Surprisingly enough, he’s not the guy who wears capris pants.

I’ve gotta get out of here.

One last thing before the

One last thing before the re-design. You know, there’s something just wrong about a guy wearing capris pants. I feel like I should tell him, but then he might scorn me for my flannel shirt and ballcap…

Errr… That would be “baseball cap” rather than some new, strange sort of piercing. To be more specific, you could say “hockey cap”.

Well, here goes nothing.

Well, here goes nothing. Actually, I suppose it should be here goes something, ’cause going nothing would just be a lot of whitespace and that’s not very interesting now, is it?

I’m starting filming on my new movie today – Run-on Sentence Lola Run-on Sentence.