Okay, I vote we take

Okay, I vote we take all of the sales and marketing people of the world, toss them onto a rocket and shoot them into the sun. Now by “sales and marketing people”, I don’t necessarily mean that anyone in this field gets an automatic one-way ticket. This also doesn’t mean it will only be people from this field – it’s all a mindset/personality sort of thing.

I should probably add heavily perfumed people to this list now, ’cause that flowery smelling guy just walked past. Creepy.

Anyhoo, we’re talking about that sales/marketing mindset/attitude. You know the people – glossy on the outside, empty on the inside. I tend to call these people sales/marketing ’cause they always seem to end up in this sort of job. Always handy with the insincere queries into your health, your well-being and your weekend. Ick. That smile with way too many teeth. Do people really buy into the false goodwill these people project? I would assume so, since things really are being sold out there. Quite a scary thought.