Isn’t it interesting how you

Isn’t it interesting how you lose all perception of time after not going to sleep for one night? I had the bright idea of staying up Monday night, since my hockey games were over at 12:30 and I wasn’t home until 1:30. Hey – only three hours until I usually wake up. Why not just stay up?

I learned why yesterday at about 6 AM. Oh man. I can’t believe I used to do this on a regular basis! then again, that was college and all you had to do was go to class. Wait a minute – I had to sit through lectures like this. How the hell did I pull that off? Must be one of those rose colored glances at the past going on here.

Today I feel much better after about 12 hours of sleep. Niiiiice. I woke up once at 9:00 last night, spent about ten minutes trying to figure out who/where I was, then back to blissful sleep. I’ve just been spending the day trying to figure out what day it is. It’s almost like my Tuesday didn’t even exist. Interesting. Just what I always wanted – 48 hours of Monday.

Okay, that’s probably all of the typing for today (I’ve heard that one before). I sliced open the back of my hand on Monday night trying to do a quick drive swap on the computer and it’s been giving me no end of trouble. Ah well – c’est ma vie.