Well, today was rollover day

Well, today was rollover day for the deodorant. I screwed up last time and bought the stick kind rather than the spiffy gel kind. For those of you who read the labels and don’t get stuck with the stick, there comes a day in the stick’s life that I call rollover day. This is the day when you have just a tiny bit of the stick left. You turn the little dial to make it peek its head out, which makes the majority of the stick be above the holder. Thus, when you try to apply the deodorant, the stick part rolls over the holder part and you scream and cuss as you try to make sure it doesn’t get on your clothes during the journey to the floor.

So, today was rollover day and I feel like one of those testers in the old deodorant ads. One of my arms has had the stuff put on it, the other hasn’t. Of course, once it rolled over, I did the natural thing and tried to catch it. Have you ever tried washing that stuff off? You can’t. Well, at least I can’t. So now, not only is my hand strangely sticky, everything I eat has a refreshing minty flavor. Yum!