Tact isn’t how carpets are laid.

Originally written while I was in the dentist’s office last week

You know, sometimes it’s strange how people often don’t think about their surroundings. For instance, I’m currently sitting here at the dentist’s office waiting for a cleaning (insert oral hygeine joke). They scheduled an 11:00 for me, but it was really an 11:30. Another Astro was here already, getting work done, then returning to the waiting room. They come back to call him in, just saying “Astro.” He goes back and I wonder what’s going on. This is when they finally tell me the time screw-up.

Thing is, now everyone behind the desk and/or coming up to the desk has to hear and discuss the story. And I’m RIGHT HERE. It’s hard to not notice when everyone is muttering and saying your name every few words.

Now they’ve switched to Spanish. Blah blah blah Astro Moondoggie blah blah. Yeah, that’s MUCH better.

You know, when I was in the medical field, we pointed at names rather than say them aloud. At the very least, we stepped away from the front desk when we needed to talk about a patient situation.

Then again, we had tact.