Women’s magazines are scary

So I’m in my local Mom & Pop convenience store chain waiting to buy a grape soda and a bag of Haribo Fruit Blasts (“Another quality MAOAM chew from Haribo”) when I start perusing the magazine rack next to me. One of the women’s magazines (there’s a blonde on the cover, if that helps) has its headlines a little too scattered for my addled mind. Apparently there is an article about improving your sex life as well as one about improving your hairstyle. The only problem is, when you zip across the cover as I am wont to do, you get a headline reading “Improve your sex life! No scissors needed!”

Hold me, I’m scared.


That’s the sound my brain’s making right now. Seems kinda hard to make out any useful thoughts. Oh well – all the more reason to spend more time at Catch today.

Oh, and I’m on A&W today. Mmmm… caffeine-free root beery goodness.

Barq’s does indeed have bite.

Okay, so I’ve been trying to cut down on my caffeine intake in the last week. I’ve been tapering off over the past few months, but I decided to cut it out for good. I’ve started taking Adderall (Astro Moondoggie, speed freak) and it’s a stimulant anyways. I figured best bet would be to cut out the other stuff.

What’s a good non-caffeine alternative to Coke? Why root beer, of course!
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Bedtime for Bonzo

Ben Folds rocked the suburbs yet again. this time, we got the rare treat of seeing him play drums in a nice long drum solo during “Stephen’s Last Night in Town.” How awesome is that? Well, awesome enough to make me stay up and type this, but not quite awesome enough to make my eyes stay open any longer. It’s bedtime, baby.

Ugh… Is it really only seven?

Up and around (vaguely) we are on an early Saturday morning. Today we head down to UConn for homecoming. Barb’s the alumnus, I’m the one tagging along to see Ben Folds tonight. Wahoo! This makes my sixth live concert, three of which have involved Ben. I’m not sure if that’s a testament to his stage presence or the fact that I just don’t get out much.

Punch-Drunk Morning

Well, we got in to see Punch-Drunk Love last night, and it was quite the experience. Remember me mentioning the back of the ticket and its dire warnings as to overbooking and the like yesterday? (I even scanned the front and back of the ticket if you wanna see, though it’s hard to read as I had to keep it small for web purposes. Both open in a new window) Well, apparently I was one of the few who actually read the back of the ticket.
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