A thought on thanking

After writing the aforementioned email to Patrick (no, not Patrick Stewart – keep guessing), I realized that I did a lot of thanking in the email and the added one on this site. Well, maybe not an effusive amount, but enough so that I noticed it. Mostly, it’s due to a philosophy change on my part. Well, maybe not a philosophy change. Change of outlook? New goal? Resolution?

Basically, it comes down to this. I’ve been having all kinds of troubles in just about every area in my life over the past couple of months (I know – poor me. Whatever. Bite me.) So, as a way to break my brain out of the whole “Life sucks, the world sucks, etc” downward spiral, I’ve been focussing on my thanking.

You see, when you consciously think about making sure you thank the people helping you, no matter how great or small the help, it helps you focus a little more on the positive side of things. I asked for help and this person I asked helped me. I think I actually went through a period here at work where I was worrying people with my thanking.

So it all boils down to appreciation, I guess. By making sure I thank everyone properly for whatever they do for me, I appreciate both their help and the fact that there are people out there trying to help me. Turns out the universe isn’t completely against me after all. Go figure.

Oh, and thank you for reading that.