PHP, here I come!

Okay, so now it appears I’ve made the home page work with many little PHP thingies. Now we get to see if I can do the same to the rest of the site. SaWEET!

Oh, again you’ll probably be seeing some wackiness as I make the transition. Patience, my friend. The future is near!!

Semi-Weekly Word: Belief

Now we get to see the other meaning of Semi-Weekly Word, the fact that I might not necessarily do one a week. But I promise I’ll do better, now that Moondoggie is nearing completion. For now, you can revel in this week’s word, belief.

In the meantime, you might see weird goings-on around the site. I’m going to try my hand at PHP today (maybe) and do a little restructuring. Heck, I might even try making the site look prettier with Chimera, seeing as how that’s what I’m using to browse with at home. It’s all about me, baby.

In case you’re new here…

Like everything in my life, this site is constantly being re-worked. Take a look at the recent site news before you start wondering about the various little oddities you find. This is my first little announcement to the “recently updated” sites, as I figured better late than never. Well, not never. Maybe “better late than at some later point in time which could still be varied to an even later or possibly earlier date.”
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Closer and Closer

Well, even though I haven’t done a lot of posting (today excluded), I’m getting a lot of work done behind the scenes. All of the various links work now (as far as I know), except the “About” link. I’m still trying to think of witty things to say.

I’m in the process of going back and editing the old Blogger posts, adding categories to them and deleting out the irrelevant stuff. I still need to re-work the error pages, so Astro’s still lurking out there if you try going in the wrong place. There are still many many improvements to come and I’m slowly getting into the swing of writing again, so keep checking back!

Things are shaping up. Sorta.

Got a few more things fixed last night. Now if my webhost will just stay up and running for 24 hours straight, I can do more things to the site. Just got back from the dentist, so I’m a little woozy from the massive amount of blood loss. More to come after I drink some juice.

Welcome Back to Moondoggie

Well, here it is, a month short of one year from the last time I’ve stood out here and talked to everyone. I don’t quite remember when I took the site down for a redesign, since it was so long ago, but I’m finally nearing completion. Today is a momentous day for me, another start to a new life. These things tend to happen often to me, but I’m hoping this new life is a good one and that it sticks. Yes, I know that’s pretty cryptic, but I’m trying to hurry up and write something so I can go home. Consider that comment the cliffhanger before the commercial.
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