You know, the Annoying Little

You know, the Annoying Little Burfing Dog may be annoying, but at least it’s cute in a goofy sort of way. The person in the next row towards me from ALBD has an UGLY ass dog at his desk. On of those dogs with its face smooshed in. Pug? Probably, ’cause the phrase “pug ugly” sure fits for this dog. Yeeks.

I just remembered something I

I just remembered something I was going to put up here after thinking about my beloved Chasing Amy DVD. I’m a creature of impulses and that movie is one reason why. Well, not the movie itself, but the thought of the movie. Or something.

Look. I put off getting this (and the Fifth Element) for awhile, ’cause I told myself that I should wait, stay within my strict (right) DVD budget, find the best deal for it, etc. Then I go crazy, splurge and get it. I watch it and it brings me great joy and happiness. Which brings me to two unsafe-to-the-pocketbook conclusions:

1) If I want to get something, I might as well get it right then, ’cause I’m eventually going to find a way to rationalize getting it (I believe with the aforementioned movies it was “You know, I brought my lunch four of the five days last week, so that’s like $24 right there.” Of course, I was doing that ’cause I needed the $24 for some other purpose, but I’ve quickly managed to forget what that was. More on that later.)

2) Chances are, whatever I want is going to bring great joy and pleasure into my life and I’m all about joy and pleasure. Why put it off? Get it now!

You know, Napster is just

You know, Napster is just not behaving today. It’s taking forever to log in to downl… uhhh… to see what kind of law breakers there are out there, since I would never use such a horrid and freedom limiting program for my own personal gains! Just doing my part as Mr. John Q. Citizen, all of you .gov visitors! And neither would my wife… Morgan Fairchild. Yeah, that’s the ticket!

It is waaaaay too early

It is waaaaay too early in the morning to be putting up with stupid rhetorical questions. Since I come in to work blazingly early, I crank the WinAmp & jive along headphone-less until people start arriving. So one of our brilliant marketing/sales types walks past my desk.

“Morning! Got some tunes going on there?”
“Uhhhh… no. You must be hearing things. Does it sound like acid jazz? ‘Cause I’ve heard that people who hear acid jazz when there’s no music playing really need to never come to work and ask stupid questions again!

At least I think that’s what my glare said to him.

My my, how appropriate. Well,

My my, how appropriate.

Well, I made it through the migraine yesterday in time to make the game. Of course, immediately after the game, it came back. Luckily it’s only a mild one this morning, so I’m happily back at work. Of course, I mean “happily” in the same way those kooky kids use “bad” to mean “good”.

In other word news, I love yesterday’s Learning Kingdom “Cool Word of the Day” that I missed:

imbroglio [n. im-BROL-yo]

An imbroglio is a confused, often embarrassing, state of affairs.
Perplexing entanglements or bitter disagreements are also imbroglios.
Example: “Jeff had no idea how he ended up in this imbroglio but
knew it would take a great deal of explaining to get out of it.”

A near synonym of imbroglio is embroilment, which shares the same
roots. Imbroglio is an Italian word borrowed by the English in the
mid-18th century from the verb imbrogliare (to entangle). This was a
variant on the French verb embrouiller which developed from the
conjunction of the Middle French en- and brouiller (to broil).

Imbroglio can also mean a confused heap or tangle.

Pretty much describes my personal life.

Well, this’ll probably be my

Well, this’ll probably be my only post for the day – not only did I get no sleep last night, but I woke up with a tremendous migraine. I’m hoping I’ll be rid of it by gametime tonight, ’cause I can’t miss the first big game. Actually, I can’t miss any of them if I want to be in the playoffs. So it’s back to bed to hide under the covers with the sweet sounds of Ella’s voice healing me.

This is so weird. I’ve

This is so weird. I’ve been grousing and griping about being all alone out here and how none of my friends were emailing or IM’ing me. I get home and check my mail – emails from two of my friends. Alright! As I’m reading them, kablamm – another friend IM’s me. And another. And another. So now I’m holding three IM conversations and two email threads together. When it rains, it pours! This is the kind of pouring I like, though…

I can’t believe I deprived

I can’t believe I deprived myself of owning Chasing Amy for so long! What a GREAT movie! Like an idiot, I heated up my pizza and thought “I know – I’ll just watch the good scenes from Chasing Amy.” Well DUH! They’re ALL good scenes. Sometimes I’m such an idiot! So now here I sit, wide awake at 1:00 AM, waiting for the alarm to go off in the other room in three hours. Wonderful. That’s going to make my first ice game tonight quite interesting…

Well, I’ve just started on

Well, I’ve just started on my first photo album. Like, a real photo album (as opposed to those I just think are there). My best friend Kathy is helping me get all of my motocross pictures together so they’re nice and safe. Something to show the kids just how crazy Grandpa used to be.

Now it’s time to go eat some re-heated pizza & watch a little Fifth Element. YEE!!!